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Air Rifle Shooting Sessions and Competition

We now have the opportunity to offer Air Rifle Shooting (Target Only) taster sessions at 2nd Cradley Scouts.

They will be shooting in a controlled environment in which all rules and regulations have been taken into account using qualified instructors.

The taster session will consist of full safety briefing, demonstration, one on one instruction, shooting, feedback on shooting performance (This can form part of their Master at Arms badge).

This is a fun and safe experience for all young people. We understand this may not be for everyone so let us know if you would rather give it a miss. Below is a link to download the 'Permission To Shoot' form. This is a mandatory document that needs to be given to the range instructor (Leader) prior to the event. The letter will cover all Air Rifle (.177) shooting at 2nd Cradley.

For any questions please contact a relevant leader.

Curtis Gerrard currently holds the YPS Tutor Qualification by the NSRA (National Smallbore Rifle Association) all questions should be directed to him at curtis@2ndcradleyscoutgroup.co.uk.

Master At Arms Activity Badge

How to earn your badge

If you have completed the NSRA Youth Proficiency Scheme in Air Rifle or Air Pistol shooting you automatically earn this badge. Otherwise, here’s what you need to do.

-Attend regular training sessions in a relevant activity like fencing, shooting or archery. Show how you’ve improved in technique. You should train for at least six sessions.

-Learn the safety rules associated with your activity and show how to follow them.

-Take part in your chosen activity at an officially supervised contest. Afterwards, talk to the instructor about your performance and how you can improve.

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Phone : 01384412053 - Feel free to leave a message

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